3 Reasons Your SMB Customer Needs All-In-One Cybersecurity

Posted on: June 3, 2019 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

There are a lot of cybersecurity options, all proposing to be the right solution to protect the small and medium business customer. The security marketplace is confusing and overwhelming for SMBs. But CyberFusion® is very different from the usual cybersecurity offering. Here are three main reasons your customer needs this all-in-one solution…

1. CyberFusion is more effective. To explain why an all-in-one solution protects more effectively than other options, it’s helpful to understand what true security is. It’s a combination of protection, detection, and response efforts, all working together to provide “defense-in-depth.” The easiest way to explain it is to use something everyone knows and understands–protecting a home. A home is safeguarded in multiple ways:

Physical protection: The house is physically protected with a fence, doors, and locks. If a criminal jumps over the fence, he is stopped by the door, if he chooses to try to open the door, there is a lock to stop him.

Detection: Let’s say the criminal gets into the house. There may be an alarm that goes off when the door opens or the motion detectors are tripped. If the home is monitored by a security company, their operation center experts will see there is an intruder.

Response: Maybe a ferocious dog is awaiting the intruder or the homeowner has a weapon. The home security company may also alert the police to enter the house.

No function on its own is true, effective security. All are parts of a security program or discipline. They all work together.

The same is true for cybersecurity. Individual components will not adequately protect your company. You need to have all working together to stop cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity protection comes in the form of firewalls, an IPS (intrusion protection system), anti-virus software, and employee awareness training.

Detection is a SOC (security operation center) handling an IDS (intrusion detection system), sandboxing (isolating applications), and an EDR (endpoint detection and response).

Response isn’t an attack dog but SOC analysts managing needed containment and eradication of threats.

What we find is that most SMBs, if they have invested in security, have invested in low-grade protection tools. Almost like having a door without a deadbolt. And forget about detection and response. When the cybercriminal gets into the system, most SMBs are left completely vulnerable. Game on for ransomware, data hijacking and whatever else the threat actor wants to do. And many take their time and go undetected for months or even years.

2. CyberFusion saves time. It takes at least 54 hours to investigate, source and select IT security technologies to create full, end-to-end protection. There are six main components to a security platform: network monitoring, next-generation firewall capabilities, email gateway security, endpoint security, trusted access, and employee awareness training. Assuming a triple-bid process, there are 18 suppliers to seek out. Let’s agree that on the low end it requires three hours of time per component, 54 hours are required.

The 54 hours doesn’t even include the time and effort it takes to hire in-house or contract SOC analysts to conduct 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response.

CyberFusion for the SMB customer is one contact, one company, one monthly invoice, one customer service number. That’s it.

3. CyberFusion costs less. We can all agree that SMBs have limited resources. And the reality is that most business owners make the hard choice of being under-protected because the cost to purchase, deploy and maintain all components of a full stack security solution is outrageous for an SMB. There are initial purchase costs, deployment costs and annual renewal costs for various licenses. The budgeting process alone is challenging.

Spend some time putting together an end-to-end cybersecurity solution for your customer and adding up the costs. You will find that paying for just 24/7 monitoring is often triple the cost of CyberFusion. CyberFusion is a U.S. patent pending process that was designed to have the same effectiveness as our biggest enterprise platforms but at a cost that a small business can afford.

Simplify cybersecurity for your customer with CyberFusion. The effective, efficient, affordable solution.

Contact Rocus Networks today to set up a 30-day trial for your customer.

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