5 Tips for a Brilliant Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted on: August 14, 2018 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

Looking to increase lead generation through digital marketing? These 5 tips are essential for any digital marketing strategy – and have proven successful for corporations and small businesses alike.  


1. Gain Executive Support 

Getting Executive Support with CNSG

If the leadership of a company doesn’t believe in a mutual partnership between marketing and sales, it makes implementing any type of digital strategy almost impossible. If your executives believe in, and support the digital marketing strategy, they are going to ensure that you have the right team and budget to produce results that lead to sales growth. 


2. Decentralize Your Strategy 

Calling for Marketing Help With CNSG

Marketing and sales cannot work separately. Digital marketing teams should be aligned with the sales team, and the digital marketing strategy should pay special attention to sales leads as they move throughout closing process. This ensures that you preserve the identity of the service, without disrupting the brands overall messaging.  


3. Embrace New Trends 

Embracing New Trends with CNSG

While digital marketing trends are always changing, you can stay ahead of the game by simply embracing new trends as they come along. You should be engaging with your customers where they are investing the most time.  


4. Don’t Completely Ditch Traditional Marketing 

Word of Mouth Marketing with CNSG

With the traction of social media and a whole new host of marketing avenues – it may seem advantageous to leave traditional marketing tactics in the past. However, some partners may need to incorporate more traditional forms of marketing in additional to digital marketing tactics in order drive participation to local events and gain new clients.  


5. Measure, Measure, Measure! 

Marketing Tips from CNSG

If you’re not measuring your tactics, you’ll never improve upon them. These days, most social media platforms include free analytics tools that can provide you with a very precise progress on your digital strategies. Utilize data to drive your digital marketing efforts, and you’ll see much better returns.  



Digital marketing may seem out of reach, but following these tips will ensure that you lay a pretty solid foundation for your efforts. Looking for more assistance with digital marketing? Reach out to the CNSG marketing team for more digital marketing tips and resources!  

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