6 Ways Your SMBs Can Share Holiday Hours with Customers

Posted on: December 9, 2019 By: Sage Tourigny

By Rebecca Rosen

The holiday season is here.  In preparation for food, fun and family, our customers need to communicate their special hours of business to their customers.

It is a great time of year to reengage with your customers and help them get the most out of their phone systems during the holidays. Whether it’s sharing extended or shortened hours or communicating any closures, this extra step ensures a better customer experience and helps your clients minimize the effect of the holidays on their customers – and hopefully maximize their time.

Let’s start with the phone system:

  • Update voicemail greetings. Holidays equal time off with family and friends. Businesses can make this known to their customers by recording new voicemail greetings. Make sure their employees record new messages that include how long they will be away, when they will return, and who to contact in the meantime. In some cases, they might want to forward calls to their cell phones.


  • Make the most of mobile apps. Just because the office is closed during the holidays doesn’t mean customers can’t reach human beings. Mobile apps that connect business phone lines to smart phones are ideal for people who still want to be reached outside of posted business hours. Using mobile apps, employees can take important business calls no matter where they are. They can also forward calls, view transcriptions of voicemails, record calls and store them for later.


  • Change automated attendant greetings. Another very important way to communicate special holiday hours is via a business phone system’s automated attendant greeting. Remind your clients they can record a new automated attendant greeting with updated hours. If they’re closing offices or locations for blocks of time, they can record a second greeting for customers informing them of when they will reopen, and, if appropriate, how they can get help in the meantime.

Moving beyond their phones, sharing their hours these additional methods help:


  • Send a holiday-themed email. Email is still one of the most effective communication methods in marketing. Encourage your clients to send an email communicating their special holiday hours to their customers. Whether it’s a holiday-themed newsletter or a single email, this email is also a great opportunity to share a special holiday message, important shipping and/or return information, or details about a time-sensitive sale.


  • Update their website or webstore. Business hours are usually shared online, so it’s important to remind your clients to update this information everywhere customers can find them online. This is important for all businesses, but especially for e-commerce companies that rely on the web for all their sales. They can also time this update with a special holiday-themed website banner, headline or temporary holiday pop-up.


  • Share via social media and third-party websites. Along with updating their websites, companies should also share special hours via social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and other channels. Social media updates are a wonderful opportunity to not only share special hours, but also remind shoppers that their business is open and ready for the holidays. Third-party sites such as Yelp and Foursquare should also be updated with special holiday hours. Finally, remind your customers to update their Google My Business


Taking the time to remind your clients to update their holiday hours shows you care, and that you’re on top of the industry best practices. Helping them plan and implement these ideas will save them time and stress during a busy shopping season and might even help improve their sales.

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