BCN Telecom | Finding Opportunity in a “Grandmother’s Blanket” of Technology Infrastructure

Posted on: August 23, 2018 By: CNSG Marketing

“What exactly is a ‘grandmother’s blanket of technology infrastructure” and how do you help your customer get out from under it?”


As a technology adviser, you see it all the time. Your customer or prospect has pieced together multiple services from multiple carriers, multiple monthly invoices and multiple points of contact for service and support. And that’s just at one location. Now multiply that by five, ten, fifty, one hundred, or even thousands of locations.

You  may have entered the opportunity to help solve one need, but as that blanket slowly unfolds you realize that you are in a position to offer them answers to questions they may not even know they have.

They didn’t get there overnight. Location by location, carrier by carrier, service by service, another ‘square’ was sewn together. Each time, the complexity of your prospect or customer’s  overall infrastructure grew but they were either too busy to notice or just continued to apply more and more resources to manage it.

Perhaps most importantly, they had not yet found a trusted adviser who could see the whole ‘blanket’, take an objective look at what they had woven together and say I know where you are and I know how to get you to where you need to be.


“You are that trusted adviser. You know from experience that this ‘grandmother’s blanket of infrastructure’ is most likely increasing the potential to overspend for services, under-utilize the latest technology and perhaps even stalling the growth of their organization. Costs are up. Productivity and efficiency are down.”


But who do you turn to when you need support unraveling what’s in place?

You need to align with a team that’s seen this complexity before and is skilled at breaking it down piece by piece, auditing and analyzing services and invoices, with the insight to deliver tangible options to the conceptual need to ‘simplify’.

BCN has been working exclusively through partners like you to help customers find simplicity in complexity for over 24+ years. We’re doing it today for over 25,000 business clients.

So help your customer throw off that “grandmother’s blanket of infrastructure” and get back to their business.  With BCN complex never means complicated.



The BCN team faces complexity head on and delivers the simplicity that allows our partners  to help  customer focus on their business, not their technology services.  We deliver converged voice, data, cloud, and wireless solutions on a single BCN platform with a solution portfolio from over 75 best-in-class wholesale network partners. And we do it all on one consolidated monthly invoice for all services and all locations, with one 24/7 U.S. based support team and a world-class online portal where you and your customer have access to manage their entire BCN portfolio of services at all locations.

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