BCN Telecom | Static IP & SD-WAN / Why it’s a Critical Consideration

Posted on: August 28, 2018 By: CNSG Marketing

Static IP & SD-WAN / Why it’s a Critical Consideration is brought to you by BCN Telecom.

In today’s crowded landscape of SD-WAN solutions, sourcing the best option for your customers can be daunting. As always, asking the right questions, understanding the customer’s business environment and the outcomes they desire are the best place to start.  In your discovery process you may not have considered the importance of your customer’s need to support Static IP requirements within the SD-WAN environment. In fact, it is a critical need for many customers and you’ll want to ensure that the SD-WAN solution you recommend is able to offer that support.


Ricardo Villa, BCN Director of IT & Managed Services explores it in  more detail.

Why is full support for Static IP requirements so critical in an SD-WAN solution?

RV: Without full support for Static IPs, the SD-WAN solution becomes effectively a one-way session solution.  Without Static IP support, your customer can only benefit from the full suite of SD-WAN features on outbound-sessions.

What is the downside of an SD-WAN solution that doesn’t support Static IP requirements?

RV: Without Static IP support, there is no way to perform inbound sessions over the SD-WAN overlay.  If an SD-WAN solution doesn’t offer Static IP support, it in essence limits the possible features and services that your customer can eventually run over the SD-WAN.

How does support for Static IP in the SD-WAN overlay impact the need for your customer to re-number Static IP addresses?

RV: The availability of Static-IP at the SD-WAN level will eliminate the hassle that your customers can face in changing Static IP addresses when there is a change in the underlying access provider. When the Static IP is at the SD-WAN overlay level they won’t be faced with re-numbering Static IPs.  Even if your customer physically moves to a new location, they will still be able to preserve their Static IPs via the SD-WAN overlay.

What specific customer environments/situations are successfully addressed with Static IP support?

RV: Static IP support enables a customer to host services from their location within the SD-WAN environment.  For example, they may have an IP PBX, security camera, web server, email server, VPN concentrator, etc.  Let’s take the case of a customer with an IP PBX system. If the SD-WAN solution is able to utilize the Static IP on their IP PBX, remote office workers will be able to connect their phones via the SD-WAN overlay, thus receiving the full benefits of SD-WAN.  Without that Static IP support the remote worker has to connect to the IP PBX using one of the access circuit IPs. In doing so they are effectively bypassing the SD-WAN and all its inherent features completely.

How does the BCN SD-WAN solution support Static IP requirements within the SD-WAN environment?

RV: BCN is unique, in that our SD-WAN solution enables Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) support on the SD-WAN overlay and assigns Public Static IP addressing space to it.  In doing so, it enables the BCN SD-WAN solution to accommodate the types of customer requirements described above, making the move to SD-WAN technology one that will have positive impact on their entire environment.

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