Be Your Own Master

Posted on: September 7, 2018 By: CNSG Marketing

Be Your Own Master


What does it really mean to be your own master? We chose the poem “Invictus,” by William Ernest Henley to create a campaign that helps partners explore the concept of a “master.” The poem thematically illuminates what it requires for individuals to take control of their own destinies.

In the poem, Henley takes the reader through a journey of his own personal adversities, and ends with a clear picture of triumph over his tribulations.

He discusses the “bludgeonings of chance,” which is the concept of literally being struck down by the circumstances of life. Often times, the seemingly random occurrences of lost deals, personal health, financial, or familial issues, make it seem as if we are dealt bad hands.

Some people look for places to place blame, in efforts to justify their current situations or feelings. Masters of their fate look for solutions, for maneuvers, and for the strength to press on anyway.

As a master of his fate, Henley attests that the “menace of the years/finds and shall find [him] unafraid.” He blames no one and nothing. He does not react to this “menace” of chance and time. He looks to his strength to help him defiantly stand against his current adversities (and his future ones).

The strength of his rebellion against this “bad hand,” make him win each and every round, even if he loses. Let that sink in. His unwavering responses to the situations he faces, builds his character in a unique way.

Imagine what would happen if we too, did not “wince or cry aloud,” but instead found the solutions we needed to determine the trajectory of our careers, our deals, our finances, our hopes, and our dreams.

Our most successful partners have had years and years of doubts, disasters, and doom that they have overcome.

Regardless of if a sickness befalls you, or if a circumstance casts dark shadows over your daily life, you have to remember that you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

Energy put into the past depreciates, but energy put into action and into developing expertise in the future, grows and grows.

Being the master of your own fate means that your only master is yourself. Being your own master means seeking out the resources, teams, and tools that will help you better yourself.

Partner with us to see how we can help you overcome any circumstance, dominate any opportunity, and change your trajectory.


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