Car Dealers: Critical Connectivity for Closing Deals

Posted on: September 19, 2019 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

Car dealerships have a stack of specific needs for internet connectivity. Customer credit checks, bank rates, and loan approvals, even coordinating with the local DMV — all require a dependable internet connection. On average, companies in the U.S. experience network outages five times per month — that’s 60 periods of downtime each year! According to a recent IHS study, outages cost more than $700 Billion a year.

Beyond those car dealership specific needs, odds are a local dealership — or regional auto group — relies on the internet for a whole slate of cloud-based applications. Office 365, G Suite, cloud-based inventory control and ordering, and even online marketing. In today’s world, chances are any business is going to be hampered by a broken internet connection.

That’s where CellCast enters the picture.

CellCast 4G-LTE

In the past, solving network connectivity issues could be a complicated matter of determining providers, technologies, capabilities, and costs for any given practice. As a backup to your existing network, CellCast: FailOver is easy to configure and install and transforms any network location into a fully managed solution.

For locations with no wired internet options, CellCast: Primary delivers high-speed 4G-LTE internet that is cost-effective and can be installed almost anywhere.

Microspace: The Difference

Some of the main differences between CellCast and other 4G solutions include superior network management and award-winning white glove support. Real-time status and health reporting of each CellCast router back to the Network Operations Center in Raleigh, N.C., gives Microspace the capability to react quickly and effectively to keep your office

Beyond router and network status, each device can also be remotely accessed for security and firmware updates — keeping your network up to date and secure.

With available month-to-month billing CellCast: Primary is also an ideal solution to delayed network installations or ongoing service issues. In emergency situations, routers can even be deployed and connected overnight.

Solution Brief: Sales Goals

The folks at Smith Auto Group are closing in on their monthly sales goals. Several salespeople are working with customers. More than a couple have deals made, and now it’s just a matter of confirming trade value, checking credit, getting loan rates, and producing paperwork for the DMV.

Things are going well until their internet service provider crashes. Without internet connectivity, these sales can’t happen. Connectivity to CRM information is lost. Smith Auto also loses out on financing deals and closing sales because they can’t process paperwork online. They can’t even make phone calls because it’s a bundled service.

This is a scenario that’s ideal for CellCast: FailOver. A fullymanaged, CellCast router automatically takes over. The dealership stays connected and doesn’t miss a beat when CellCast takes over. When the local ISP gets their outage resolved, the system resets automatically. True business continuity.

For dealerships with multiple locations, Microspace can even arrange for shared data pools across locations to maximize the value of an inexpensive, managed failover system.

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