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Our Vision Reflected: Delivering Innovative Solutions for Businesses

June 07, 2019

By Kevin O’Toole, Senior Vice President Product Management, Comcast Business

I always enjoy opportunities to talk about Comcast Business products because it’s easy to get excited around how we’re executing against our vision of delivering innovative solutions for business – solutions designed to help companies across the country go beyond the expected.

From providing the world’s best last-mile data products and leading-edge enterprise networking solutions, to offering managed services, voice, video and digital experiences that are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate, Comcast Business is making a big difference in helping companies succeed in the digital world.

While awards and trophies will always come secondary to that primary goal of helping customers, I was delighted to learn that the fruits of our labor and the way we are implementing our product vision have captured the attention of executives from around the country.

On June 11, Comcast Business will be honored at the 17th Annual American Business Awards® banquet, where we will receive seven awards for our innovation and product solutions, including a Gold Award for the Most Innovative Company of the Year and other recognitions for our ActiveCore(sm) and Business VoiceEdge® solutions.

One of seven programs sponsored by The Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards® are the only national, all-encompassing business awards program in the U.S. They feature a wide variety of categories to recognize achievement in every facet of the workplace, from customer service and management to public relations and product development. Award winners are selected by a panel of 200 executives across the country.

In honoring us with the Gold award, judges noted that Comcast Business “showed it’s moving with today’s fast tech world by introducing products and solutions that combine technologies and ultimately streamline our digital world.”

Executives judging the awards also bestowed Gold Awards on our:

  • IT Service Management Solution Award for ActiveCore(sm), which judges singled out for “great thinking” that is “future-proof” and “replac[es] legacy technologies at a huge scale.”
  • Telecommunications Service Award for Business VoiceEdge™, a “frustration-free” solution that “makes employees’ jobs easier” and is a “fantastic solution for distributed teams and telecommuting,” according to the judges.
  • Integration Solution for ActiveCore, which the judges said is a “great example of a solution that businesses need right now.”

We also will receive:

  • A Silver Award in the Cloud Platform category for ActiveCore, which judges hailed as “a great end-to-end solution for IT systems management” and a “brilliant way to upgrade clients on outdated infrastructure to the latest benefits of virtualized networks.”
  • A Bronze Award in the Business Services Innovation of the Year category for ActiveCore’s Voice Commands, which judges called “modern,” “consumer friendly,” and “a tremendous way to open the doors to other businesses in small communities.”
  • A Bronze Award in the Most Innovative Tech Company category, for our “significant business value” and its “numerous solutions to help make business easier.”

We are tremendously proud that Comcast Business stood out from the intense competition among the 3,800-plus nominations received. We are especially honored that executives from a range of industries recognize the generational moment that our ActiveCore Software-Defined Networking platform represents, and the ability of its gigabit-ready, digital experience to change the way everyone thinks about network and IT management. We’ve driven a tremendous amount of innovation in the last couple of years and there is certainly more to come.

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By: Marshall Aronow CEO of MetTel

We’ve all been there….in a car, on a train or even a plane. You get on a call with your colleagues to discuss an important presentation but typically spend 5 minutes just looking for that email with a key attachment among all those other hundreds of emails you receive. With TrueUC, that search is not necessary as it natively integrates with  Office 365 so all your emails and attachments can be automatically located and displayed between meeting participants as content in common.

TrueUC from MetTel means you can just turn on your mobile phone or tablet, open the UC-One application and quickly find that critical document……then check on that client’s current status in Salesforce to provide an informed update.

TrueUC not only provides a full spectrum of communications and collaboration tools, it also integrates with key business applications most professionals use every day. But the real value of TrueUC lies in the fact that the majority of information economy workers – not to mention most Millennials – work outside of a traditional office most of the time.

Today’s mobile, digitally driven work environment requires employees and businesses to communicate instantly, across different regions and time zones to access information, schedule meetings, manage business processes, communicate, collaborate, produce and innovate. No barriers, no excuses.

You can even get texting capability added to your desk phone which, incidentally is the only number you need for work as it can also move with you to your devices and other desk phones. With a smart phone or tablet provided by MetTel with mobile device management, you can work securely from any location or in transit. Even if you lose a device, it can be wiped remotely to protect sensitive company data.

People need to work on the move at full capacity but CIOs and IT managers don’t want to spend the time and resources to sign up five telecom carriers, six software companies and somehow figure out how it all works together. They don’t have to.

TrueUC brings it all together in a cost-efficient managed service with choice of devices, connectivity, customer support and billing – on one platform. Instead of going back and forth between laptop, desktop and phone, MetTel can provide a single device powered by the MetTel mobile network and mobile device management for all business computing and communications. And special “road warrior bundles” can be customized to specific job roles and user preferences for Android, iOS, etc.

Why this isn’t just another product launch for business communications.

Market studies show that approximately 59 percent of the business population consider themselves mobile workers, requiring all their office capabilities move with them. That applies to a lot of workers, including:

  • A healthcare provider in Nebraska visiting patients at their homes
  • An inspector in New York examining a building’s sprinkler systems to ensure it’s up to code
  • A service worker repairing an elevator issue at a skyscraper in Dubai
  • A real estate agent in Rhode Island showing a residential property

All of these workers need access to documents, meeting information, CRM insights, and so forth. With TrueUC, we have created the first all-in-one unified communications (UC) application designed for today’s modern millennial workforce – providing workflow, communications and productivity capabilities, typically only accessible when in the office – now available with any mobile device. In particular, organizations can access a cloud, API-driven UC solution that combines text, voice, video, chat, email and business app integration plus a secure mobile device and connectivity – all from a single source. No need for multiple vendors and multiple headaches.

As part of this effort, we’re working with strategic partners, such as Cisco and Samsung, to help deliver a truly mobile experience. A new generation of millennial professionals has grown up with the freedom of mobility, texting, video, voice and the ability to carry their social lives in their pockets. Now, we’ve done the same thing now for their professional lives.

Interoperability challenges? Not here.

We live and work in a highly connected, interdependent global society – meaning partnering with third-parties and other vendors is essential for collaboration and business success. For these collaborations to be successful, software programs and systems need to communicate with one another. Closed platforms don’t work as well.

As such, TrueUC operates as a set of open APIs that allows integration with a range of critical cloud business applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforce, Box and Twitter, among others, truly enabling a mobile office experience.

Let’s have a dialogue

Much of what I’ve discussed – the painful commutes, not being able to access documents and information in real-time, scheduling meetings, working with peers in different geographies and time zones – are all challenges to which we’ve grown far too accustomed.

The good news? It doesn’t need to be that way.

I welcome your feedback and input – and look forward to having a conversation that will, hopefully, result in making your work life a little easier.

For more information on TrueUC, please visit our website