We don’t just sell carrier services—we provide end-to-end solutions that are going to make your company’s technology better.

Why CNSG? A Carrier Perspective

Why CNSG? A Partner Perspective

Expert Advice You Can Trust

Our leaders are former C-level carrier executives, who have nurtured strong relationships with leading local and national carriers. We’ve sat where carriers sit, we know how they think and what their respective strengths are in terms of cost, technology, installation, service and long-term support.

As your partner, we’re equally as diligent in getting to know your company, down to every detail and pain point, and in working with you to provide choices that address all your concerns. With CNSG, you benefit from expert advice and an unbiased, objective assessment you can trust for future-proof solutions that best fit your business and your bottom line.

Best-in-Class Service and Value

As your single point of contact, we make it simple for you to get the most out of your communications network and get the best-in-class service you deserve. There is no additional charge for you to partner with CNSG, and the results you get with us are invaluable.

We really do our homework, provide a true hands-on approach and assume total accountability throughout the lifecycle of every project—from design to contracting, project management, implementation, billing and ongoing support.

CNSG clients achieve the valuable economy of scale that is out-of-reach for most companies. In fact, many CNSG solutions can deliver cost savings as high as 50 percent.

Responsiveness You Can Depend On

We outwork others to get you the answers you need fast, and be the advocate you can depend on for support, always.

Our leaders sit on advisory boards of many carriers who know us well because we’ve worked closely together for years. We have the experience, credibility and connections to make things happen quickly and effectively for you. And the CNSG team you work with today will be the same team there for you tomorrow.

Your Partner for the Long Haul

We know the challenges you face in getting issues resolved and finding solutions that take care of all your technology needs. As you’re partner, we’re here to back you up at a moment’s notice, provide support every step of the way and ensure an exceptional customer experience, every time. We’re not just solutions providers or problem solvers—we’re also relationship builders. We truly care about your company and want to be your business partner not just for today, but for the long haul.