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Posted on: March 18, 2019 By: CNSG Marketing

By: Cyberhat


Formula 1 is an amazing piece of art. A perfect combination of machinery and technology.


Building a Formula 1 single car costs between 6-8 million dollars not including the costly, long R&D process, that at the end forms a car that is built from more around 80,000 components and can accelerate and decelerate from 0 to 100 and back to 0 in 4 seconds. There is almost an unending list of superlatives for the formula 1 car.


But a Formula 1 can’t drive itself (yet).


The team—not the car or the driver—wins the race. During a Grand Prix, it is easy to think that the success of the race depends on the formula 1 driver. However, the driver is just a member of the team.


Many organizations already have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). However, as an F1 car can’t drive itself, nor can the driver work alone, so a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can’t work on his own. The CISO needs a professional team that works together. Each one of the team knows his place and is the best in his job.



In a cybersecurity security operation center (SOC), the CISO is the driver. He drives the powerful machine of SOC, and his success is dependent on the expertise and teamwork of the members. An excellent teamwork is important to effectively curtail the dangers of cyber-attacks. Teams must be able to communicate with other members and teams in an organization in order to detect early signs of threat.


Each team member is the professional and experienced man on the team that can do the work, and this is what makes it work well and turn an ordinary team to a winning team.  As it is in F1, so it is in any professional job—the need for an excellent teamwork in a professional team cannot be overemphasized. An efficient professional team works behind the scene to ensure that an organization runs effectively.


To have a great cybersecurity SOC, a fully functional team that is experienced in the following domains is required:


Tier #1-2 analysts –The tier 1 analysts are analysts with the IT background, and the tier 2 analysts have the dogged curiosity to get to the root cause, and the ability to remain calm under pressure.
Incident response – Collaboration within a professional cybersecurity team can help in effectively managing an incidence of phishing and cyber-attacks.


“None of us is better than all of us.”


When a professional cybersecurity team has solid teamwork, there is synergy. This helps in overcoming the usual constraints that an individual may encounter if a work is done alone. A professional team thinks like an F1 team—they are able to stay ready in the right place to change the F1 car tire and address to the driver’s needs. When there is a proper synergy, a professional cybersecurity team is able to identify weak links and apply the appropriate controls to respond to an incidence that may affect the cybersecurity of the firm.


Forensic investigation – Teamwork enhances team morale. It helps professional cybersecurity teams feel involved in the organizational structure. When work is divided among the members of a team, they are able to meet deadlines, and diagnose an attack before it spreads like a ripple throughout the organization’s servers.
Intelligence team – The intelligence team helps in keeping the team abreast of the latest developments in cyber security.
Onboarding team – It is important that there is a team that is focused on ensuring newly recruited cybersecurity experts adjuste to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly.
SOC manager – The SOC manager focuses on ensuring that the team is working towards a common target and ensuring the organization moves towards its vision.


All these should have vast experience in multiple industries. Designing, building and operating a great team like that requires time, capital resources, knowledge, and the ability to keep it work for a long time. At Cyberhat, we are an experienced and professional cybersecurity team—a strong team that works together and can be an extension to your in-house team.

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