Evolve IP Touts Differentiated Strategy with Microsoft Teams

Posted on: November 20, 2019 By: Sage Tourigny

In the first quarter of 2020, Evolve IP is going to be offering its partners voice-enabled Microsoft Teams with full enterprise voice capabilities, including contact center later in the year. And this won’t be via a bot, plug-in or third-party app, but a native, fully-integrated solution using Broadsoft/Cisco and Evolve IP’s hosted PBX, according to the company.

Scott Kinka, Evolve IP’s CTO, tells Channel Partners the strategy runs counter to those of competitors in that they have proprietary collaboration solutions that would ultimately position Microsoft/Teams as a competitor or a competing internal solution.

“For us, this is a native use of the Microsoft stack that we are already engaged in distributing, reselling and supporting to do all of that, which is very different than saying we have a plug-in to the Teams client that enables you to use our meetings,” he said. “That is a very different strategy.”

Evolve IP’s, Scott Kinka

Evolve IP’s voice-enabled Teams with full enterprise voice capabilities will provide new opportunities for various partner types, Kinka said.

Read the full article on Channel Partners.

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