Expedient Enterprise Cloud Outperforms Industry Leaders in Independent Evaluation

Posted on: February 8, 2019 By: CNSG Marketing

The cloud game is complex, constantly evolving, and competitive. And while it seems like the names AWS and Azure have become almost synonymous with cloud, nearly all cloud pundits agree that the cloud landscape really requires two types of clouds: an Enterprise Cloud, where the applications need to have hardware redundancy, and an Application Cloud, where the applications have redundancy built into them. Hyperscalers like AWS and Azure are focused on application clouds, yet very few companies have the applications to take proper advantage of them.

Meanwhile, platinum-level CNSG Supplier, Expedient, has taken a different path by focusing on its Enterprise Cloud offering, released in late 2018. Built on a full VMware stack of products that simplifies management, monitoring, and support, Expedient Enterprise Cloud delivers a modern API and software-driven architecture that acts similarly to an application cloud while still providing businesses with the hardware redundancy needed while they morph applications to Cloud Native.

And, according to a recent third-party evaluation by Cloud Spectator, Expedient must be doing something right… Its Enterprise Cloud outperformed comparable offerings from leading cloud providers, including AWS and Azure, in nearly all measured categories, including compute, memory and price-to-performance ratio.


Download the report to see all the results.

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