From Underdogs to Champs: Distinguishing Your Online Business Presence

Posted on: June 27, 2019 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

The St. Louis Blues were huge underdogs to win the Stanley Cup entering the playoffs, but after a thrilling Game 7 win last Wednesday in Boston, they are the NHL champs. Unfortunately, small businesses are often considered to be the underdogs of the business world, but as the Blues recently showed, just because you are labeled an underdog doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the ultimate success.

Last week’s blog discussed the advantages of having multiple social media platforms, this week we’ll discuss how your business can grow and distinguish this online presence. Don’t be considered the underdog this year, follow these simple strategies to boost social engagement and exposure to make your business the champs!

Timing is Everything – Know when and how often to post

While each business industry is unique to its marketing strategy and target audience, every social platform from Facebook to Google+ has peak times of activity throughout the day. Referencing these averages is a good starting point for small businesses to gauge their appropriate posting times. In doing so, the odds of gaining greater exposure to current and potential customers can nearly double.

When it comes to posting, not only is it important to know when to post but also how often to post. Timing is everything. Consumers do not want their social feeds consistently filled with updates and posts from your business. Repetitive posting is a big mistake to avoid, especially when attempting to grab an audience’s attention. A simple solution is to plan your content and schedule your posts ahead of time (reference the provided charts for a guide on when and how often to post).

Social media management is a difficult task to take on – but a key tool to your company’s success. Create a plan that works best for your business and stick to it. In no time, you will see impressive results!

Get Creative – Express your voice and have fun

There is a lot of pressure currently surrounding the posting culture on social media. Have no fear, it is a great platform for communicating and expressing yourself. Get creative! The best way to boost business interaction is by posting original, unique content that catches the eye of your audience. Visuals—including stock photos, infographics, and videos—are great ways to portray your message without overwhelming the customer with paragraphs of information.

While written content on certain social platforms, such as Instagram, is less common, it is still a popular method of online communication. When your business does decide to use written content, remember to keep true to your business’s culture and voice. Don’t take your social accounts too seriously; the easiest way for people to relate and share is a joke. So have fun and give your social platforms an online personality that can relate to your audience.


You don’t have to be a social media expert to master the art of posting. Turn your business into a social media champ by using these simple strategies to distinguish your online presence from your competitors.

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