Getting Beyond Fear: Bringing New Solutions to the Conversation

Posted on: August 21, 2018 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

Failure is one aspect of business that no one likes to talk about. The potential of failure can be so great, that it can inspire fear that cripples us from thinking about strategies that could bring valuable new solutions to the table. Use these 5 tips to move beyond the fear of failure, into a mentality that practices mindful habits to produce successful results!

1. Understand Your Fears

Fear holds you back the most when you are unaware of it. Try to get specific and ask yourself, ͞”What am I afraid of?” “What is it exactly that prevents me from bringing new solutions into the mix?” Once you are aware of your fears, you can support yourself through the process. Face these threats head on, and provide yourself with evidence that your fears will not occur. Then, move onto the next step.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Pivot

Brainstorm with CNSG

Suppose you’ve suggested a strategy that doesn’t go as planned the first time around. Rather than simply giving up and moving on – change your approach and re-think the problem! Could the timing be affecting the conversation? Are you thinking about how to leverage capabilities in unexpected areas? Sometimes, it takes numerous tries to get it right.

3. Take the Road Less Traveled

Taking the Road Less Traveled with CNSG

In the poem, The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost understand the value of uncharted paths. In business, these two paths are ever-present: the path of scarcity where most of us frequent often, and the abundant path which holds unlimited opportunity. What prevents us from walking the road of abundance? Fear. If you let fear prevent you from bringing new solutions into the conversation, you’ll always be in a space that never has enough opportunity. “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

4. Work Through Plan A and Plan B

Work Through Plan A and B with CNSG

So imagine this: you’ve suggested your Plan A solution – and it’s completely been shot down. Your worst nightmare has come true. You’re facing your fear head on. In most cases, the very worst-case scenario isn’t actually that bad. If you’ve crafted a Plan B, you can quickly minimize the damage, and move on. Overcoming failure is truly an act of being courageous, and overpreparation.

5. Ask for Help

Asking for Help with CNSG

Sometimes all you really need is to brainstorm a few ideas around with someone you trust. Would you like to strategize with a CNSG representative? Our team is here to provide support through a variety of challenges you may face. Take advantage of the support and contact us today for assistance!

What challenges have you faced that have prevented you from bringing new solutions to the table? Be sure to follow us on Twitter and let us know which one of these tips helped you conquer professional fears!

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