How Overbuilders Are Transforming the Telecom Landscape

Posted on: October 3, 2019 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

You have a choice when it comes to choosing a broadband provider, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. It’s just the way it is – one city, one neighborhood, one provider, right? Wrong.

Meet the Overbuilders

You may have heard the term “overbuilder” in conversations about the communication industry. You may also be asking yourself, “Who or what are they?” These are the companies that are building the next generation of fiber and cable over existing phone and cable infrastructures. They’re nimble and passionate about service and innovation, and they’re constructing a network that’s built for data first.

While other networks are trying to squeeze the last bit of performance from old existing infrastructure — often 30 to 50 years old — overbuilders focus on constructing new, purpose-built, and robust hybrid networks that deliver a true next-level service.

How We Got Here

For years, telephone and cable companies benefited from a near monopoly over services. The original idea was to grant singular access rights to entire cities and regions as a way to help those companies recover the cost of implementing a new kind of service. And it worked. Their investments paid off, but unfortunately for consumers, they’ve paid off many, many times over. When singular access rights were revoked in the late 90’s, the large providers dominated.

Where We Go from Here

Competition spurs innovation, reduces costs, and improves service. It’s also the catalyst behind the rise of the overbuilders. With their ability to provide a custom setup for their partners, overbuilders have put pressure on incumbent cable and phone companies.

With new direct competition those providers have attempted to improve. Unfortunately, most of the infrastructure that their networks are built on was never intended to handle the level of internet traffic modern businesses require. And while the level of innovation to max-out the capabilities of legacy infrastructure has been impressive, it’s just no longer necessary.

A Bright Future

Thanks to overbuilders, you can enjoy a fast, fiber-rich, hybrid network that can be tailored to fit almost any specific customer or need. Offering more choices, more options, and more personalized packages than ever before, overbuilders’ passion for innovation and customer service is changing the communication partner landscape.

While it’s true that most overbuilders can deliver greater access and higher speeds, WOW! Business goes even further. Its sales engineers ensure that recommended products and services are optimized to meet every network need. Then they back it up with local IT and account people ready to respond with speed and efficiency.

You do have a choice. And after looking at all the options and benefits of overbuilders like WOW! Business, it might just be the easiest choice you ever have to make. Learn more.

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