Moving to the Cloud Contact Center

Posted on: July 8, 2019 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

As companies look to improve their customer loyalty, they are putting more focus on the broader customer experience and interaction with the brand. The contact center plays a critical role in deploying the integrated customer experience.

Why contact centers are moving to the cloud?

Changing customer expectations make it difficult for businesses to compete using legacy on-premises equipment. While organizations have their own reasons for moving to the cloud, we found there are 4 main goals contact centers achieve by modernizing to the cloud.

Reduce Costs

The cloud contact center lowers IT overhead costs, with no costly on-premises hardware and maintenance costs organizations are no longer paying for peak capacity all year round when it is not needed. Labor costs are also lowered by improved agent productivity.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Moving to the cloud provides contact center agents with consolidated tools and insights for customers so agents can deliver a more effective and consistent experience across all channels.

Business Agility

Enhanced agility lets contact center agents move fast and take advantage of new opportunities, handle disruptions in real time by having call and contact flows or allowing your agents’ schedules change in minutes instead of weeks.

Multi-site, Global Operations

The cloud gives business leaders the ability to manage global operations across multiple sites, one source of reporting across all dashboards, as well as seamlessly routing customer contacts in real time to the right agent no matter their location. This enables you to provide a better, more consistent customer experience across all your locations while achieving efficiencies by managing all customer contact sites as one.

Moving to the cloud is becoming the obvious choice to provide a seamless customer experience.

Like most new experiences, moving to a cloud can seem dauting. Help has arrived to make your transition an informed and smooth process! In our webinar, Up Your CX Game: Buyers Guide for Moving to a Cloud Contact Center, presented by Gartner Analyst, Drew Kraus and NICE inContact Product Marketing VP, Chris Bauserman will guide you through the entire decision cycle, from building a consensus on priorities internally to evaluating your options to negotiating and selecting a new partner.

These experts will walk you through key phases of your process:

• Create a current and future needs assessment

• Inventory your systems (current and future integrations)

• Perform a gap analysis (zeroing in on priorities)

• Develop an RFP, incorporating cross-team requirements

• Select the right vendor (from short list to bake-off)

Watch Up Your CX Game: Buyers Guide for Moving to a Cloud Contact Center now, Drew and Chris will address all your questions and more. It’s a stimulating presentation that will provide you a robust foundation and road map for moving to the cloud—and elevating your CX!

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