CNSG #1 Master Agency in twt Ambassador's Club

Channel Ambassador’s Club 2014

Each month from June 1, 2013 until May 31, 2014, tw telecom will recognize its top performers based on total channel installed sales. The top companies will earn a trip to tw telecom’s corporate headquarters in August 2014 and participate in advisory council activities throughout the year.

Each month, we will announce the top 5 performers within the Master Agency category, and the top 5 performers within the Authorized Representative (VAR/SI/TEM/MSP/Dealer) category. Of these participants, the top 5 performers overall (up to 3 Master Agents) will earn their membership into the 2014 Channel Ambassador’s Club.

Top 5 Master Agencies Top 5 Authorized Reps
CNSG Perigee Telcom
Intelisys Presidio Networked Solutions
Telarus Simplify
BridgepointeTechnologies One Connect
World Telecom Group CCSII