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At CNSG, We welcome partners from a variety of backgrounds who want to win.

Whatever winning looks like to you, we want to help you do it. We pride ourselves on delivering desired results to our partners, so leverage our team to assist you in the growth of your business. Leverage our strategic experts to help you become the best you can be, so you can master your fate and master your business.

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Our Process

Once you partner with CNSG, you become a member of the CNSG family. We will always curate content, update systems, and align personnel that fully support your successful partnership with us.

During your initial partnership consultation, we have a discussion that gives us insight into:

  • Goals we need to set for your immediate growth
  • Departments & programs needed to support your business model
  • Evaluation of your current customers and processes
  • Collaboration & communication – How often and how you want to be communicated with
  • Level of Expertise – What you know and how we can help you learn more

If accepted into the CNSG Partner Program, you are placed into one of the following partner groups:

  • Outsourced Sales Team (OST)
  • Partner +
  • Partner Pro

You can learn more by submitting a request here.
Based on your partnership level, you are aligned with the tools, resources, and personnel you will need to leverage to be successful. Here are a few you can check out now:

Sales Engineering Team
Marketing Team
Operations Team
The Converged Effect

After your initial introductions to CNSG’s expert staff and supplier teams, we develop a strategic business plan with you that will form your personalized launch plan for success.

We align you with your personal Channel Manager, who supports you during the quoting, negotiation, and closing process with your customers. This team member:

  • Directs you to the appropriate CNSG resources and support teams
  • Is your advocate with all other CNSG and supplier support teams
  • Sets up trainings, demos, and informational sessions on you or your team’s behalf.
  • Facilitates introductions to regional contacts, so you’ll be able to meet with them in person regularly, attend and host regional events, and have support during customer meetings and interactions.
  • Is available pre, during, and post-sale to make sure you close the deal.

Leverage your support team for bi-weekly or monthly check-ins.

We help you assess:

  • Your current sales, your partnership level, and your current systems to determine if any adjustments are necessary to ensure your success
  • If your current deals require Sales Engineering or solutions engineering support
  • If you are missing out on crucial opportunities to find additional technology solutions for your customers

By leveraging our team’s support, vast supplier network, and by having a clear picture of your goals, you have the tools necessary to win.

Convinced? Partner with us today.

Partner Services

You don’t have to be a marketing, sales engineering, or solutions expert. We provide the “here’s why” when selecting supplier partnerships and customer solutions, assisting with every aspect of the discovery, design, and delivery process for your opportunities.

CNSG Accounting & Commissions FAQs

Our Commissions Team aims to make it easy as possible for you to receive your hard earned cash. The Commission’s Team motto is PACT – Precise, Accurate, Concise, and Timely. We’ll make sure your commissions and accounting needs are expertly handled each and every time.

Commission statements are available monthly and may be viewed via your login credentials. Via e­mail, your Commission Team issues a notice that you make preview your statement. This occurs on the 5th to the last business day of each month allowing you to view your upcoming commission statement detail. On the last business day of each month, your Commission Team issues a notice that commission statements have been finalized and that agent statement payments have completed.
Please e­mail your CNSG Accounting Team, for any login credential requests.
Commission statement payments are completed on the last business day of each month via Direct Deposit. Depending on your financial institution, you can expect to receive the funds within 1 to 3 business days. Please refer to the Partner Commission Pay Schedule for the dates.
Commissions are typically paid out the month after the customer’s 1st invoice. Depending on the Supplier, commissions may be held if the customer has not paid their bill.
There are a number of reasons why a customer’s account commission payment could have an interruption and or cease. Including disconnection of services, non­payment of services i.e. an outstanding invoice balance, or a billing credit issued for their monthly recurring charges (MRCs).
Please forward your updated W9 to CNSG’s accounting team, Be sure to include any new contact information i.e. change of e­mail address.
Please contact CNSG’s accounting team,, for any changes to your Direct Deposit information including, name / address change and or bank account change. You will be asked to complete a new Direct Deposit form along with forwarding a voided check copy.

Please email with any additional requests for information.

Partner Success Story

CNSG continues to wow me with their commitment to excellence and their commitment to identifying and strategically aligning staff and suppliers with our team. We have uncovered new opportunities in hospitality and in the legal space this year, simply because of our engagement with the resources provided in the Partner Resource Center. They really do try to make it as easy as possible for partners to be their most successful.

Kellie Block, Managing Partner