Sales Engineering

CNSG has built a dedicated team of solutions engineers who act as an extension of your sales team. CNSG’s Solutions Engineers allow our partners to earn the role of trusted advisor with their customers, and provide assistance with every aspect of the Discovery, Design, and Delivery of complete technology solutions.

Discovery and Qualification

Whether through our Opportunity Qualifier Form, over the phone, or in person, the CNSG Solutions Engineering team is always available to assist partners in uncovering their customers’ current and future needs, as well as identifying ways to leverage the latest technologies to help their businesses run more efficiently. Let us support and back your discovery process with true solutions expertise.


CNSG Solutions Engineers enable partner success by helping them provide the “here’s why,” when selecting the best solutions options. Not comfortable with the nuances of a new technology but know your customer has a need? Know you’re delivering the right overall customer solutions by engaging our engineering team to act as an extension of yours.

Delivery & Decision

The CNSG Solution Engineers and Sales Teams remain involved throughout the customer’s decision making process. We provide an additional layer of support and advocacy for our partners, as we assist in guiding customers from selection to implementation. Our team will work with the partner, customer and supplier(s) to identify and vet the appropriate solution based on that customer’s specific needs and desired business outcomes.

Let’s maximize your opportunity today.

Opportunity Qualifier Form

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