Steve Slaughter

Top 5 Things to Know About Us

  • AppSmart maintains the largest portfolio of SaaS and cloud-based products with direct relationships with the leading providers including Google, Microsoft, VMWare, IBM, and many more.
  • With no direct sales force, our business is 100% channel and our services are designed to support the unique needs of channel technology advisors.
  • Our North America based support team provides best-in-class support on all of the software products we sell giving your customers the support and turnaround times they need.
  • Our solutions team leverage their deep technical expertise to fully understand your business challenges and develop and implement solutions that exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • When your customers purchase solutions from the AppSmart marketplace, all of their monthly charges will be combined into one bill, with statements and charge details available at anytime.
Top 5 Services We DOMINATE In
  • End-user technical support
  • Technology consulting
  • Advisor Support
  • Digital transformation
  • Technical implementation
Top 5 Customer Types That Choose Us
  • Domestic
  • SMB
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
What Truly Makes Us Different Than The Competition
  • AppSmart provides the largest catalog of SaaS and cloud services in the channel. With no direct sales force, All of our pre and postsale services are specifically designed to support the needs of channel sales partners and their customers. Our best-in-class marketplace gives partners easy access to commission and customer data as well as the ability to request quotes and place orders for any of our hundreds of products. Customers also benefit from our Marketplace by having all of the products they’ve purchased from AppSmart appear on one consolidated bill.
The End Result
  • In addition to the largest selection of SaaS and cloud products, our unique marketplace and suite of partner and customer-centric services make us the ideal choice for agents and their customers who are looking for a long-term partner to grow their businesses with.

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