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Top 5 Things to Know About Us

  • The Cloud First WAN Company
  • Aryaka has been in the WAN business for over 10 years and is the third-largest GLOBAL provider behind Cisco and VMWare
  • Aryaka operates on a private, global network with 30+ PoPs, reaching 95% of knowledge workers within 30ms; serving 10MM users
  • Aryaka provides completely managed wan-as-a-service solutions that can be leveraged and deployed both REGIONALLY and GLOBALLY
  • Aryaka is a channel first company with over 25 regional sales directors and network architects deployed throughout the USA
Top 5 Services We DOMINATE In
  • SD-WAN as a service both regionally and globally
  • WAN Optimization
  • Application Performance
  • UCaaS optimization
  • Install and deployment
Top 5 Customer Types That Choose Us
  • Domestic / International
  • Manufacturing / Logistics
  • Multi-POP
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
What Truly Makes Us Different Than The Competition
  • Aryaka delivers the first fully managed, end-to-end global SD-WAN service for the cloud-first enterprise. Our unique technology integrates multi-cloud connectivity, application optimization, security, last-mile management, and visibility into an SLA-driven OPEX only offering that is more agile than alternatives, delivers a better TCO, and where consuming Network-as-a Service introduces simplicity.
  • Insanely great customer service supported by our team of Customer Service Managers and backed by our 65+ NPS score and >98% customer retention rate.
  • Rapid and seamless install and deployment. Customers can be up and running within 7-10 business days.
  • Aryaka is a CHANNEL-FIRST organization with over 85% of revenues being channel-driven.
  • Regional / Global capabilities
The End Result
  • As evident by our 65+ Net Promoter Score and >98% customer retention rate, our partners can have the peace of mind knowing their customers are our first priority.
  • We have a team of CSMs across the globe ready and willing to support both our partner’s and customers needs. In addition, our MyAryaka portal acts as a single pane of glass for both partners and customers to gain visibility and manage their solutions to the extent that they desire.
  • Accurate and on-time commissions and a competitive compensation structure.
  • Happy Customer for the Partner = Increased potential to grow share of wallet

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