Nate Grinnell

Top 5 Things to Know About Us
  • nLighten is a fully automated security-as-a-service platform that detects previously unknown threats and automatically aggregates malicious activities into high-fidelity, actionable cases.
  • nLighten provides advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence-based detection, reduces alert noise, is cost-effective, simple and fast to implement, and easy to use.
  • In addition to threat detection, nLighten also aggregates and  exposes customer log data for searching and reporting, all at a total cost well below a traditional SIEM system.
  • nLighten was developed out of a $98M long-term government research program designed to support the war on terrorism.
  • nLighten’s lightweight virtual appliance can be deployed in less than an hour. The intuitive user interface presents information in an easy-to-understand format appropriate for all staff levels and requires less than two hours of training.
Top Services We Dominate In
  • Advanced threat detection – Superior mean time to detection and remediation
  • Reduced alert noise – <5% false-positive cases created
Top  Customer Types That Choose Us
  • Large enterprise with current security team and SIEM
  • State and local governments including universities and election committees
What Truly Makes Us Different Than the Competition 
  • Superior threat detection and automatic case creation reduces mean time to detection and remediation.
  • No more endless alerts. nLighten automatically aggregates and prioritizes malicious activities into searchable and filterable information so action can be quickly taken.
  • Behavioral analytics versus traditional rules or signatures.
  • Low false positives – <5% false positive cases created.
  • Fingerprinting – find similar events instantly across entire enterprise.
  • No hardware; no CAPEX expenditures.
The End Result
  • Cybraics revolutionizes how companies run their security. A true force multiplier, nLighten provides security teams with increased situational awareness, compliance, and the ability to identify unknown threats existing security tools just do not catch. Cybraics provides actionable information, removes alert noise and fatigue, and increases the efficiency of teams. Cybraics consolidates and displays information on one screen eliminating the need to look at multiple different systems. From initial demonstration to implementation, nLighten is very simple. nLighten is provided as a service with no upfront costs.

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