Top 5 Things to Know About Us

  • Stability. Granite is $1.5 Billion with no debt and 100% organically grown. In an industry filled with mergers and acquisitions, Granite ensures our partners get paid on time each and every month because income is critical to our partners and their families.
  • At the close of 2019, roughly $800Million of Granite’s revenue is POTS. That means over $700Million represents other products. Think about how many providers have that much expertise.
  • Customization to close enterprise deals. Unique ways to help customers with construction costs for their access. Unique ways Granite project management ensures timely, accurate installs. Unique cost structures. Unique escalation paths.
  • Three hottest products that our channel partners enjoy selling are (1) multiple SD-WAN platforms (Meraki, Velocloud, Viptela, Fortinet), (2) IoT, and (3) mobility, including wireless and anything with a SIM card.
  • Granite has made a significant investment in the channel – with over 25 new salespeople in 2019, dispersed coast to coast, enhanced commission structures, and new flexible solutions for our partners to take advantage of.
Top 5 Services We DOMINATE In
  • SD-WAN (Velocloud, Meraki, Viptela, Fortinet)
  • POTS
  • Access (DIA, cable, wireless, fiber)
  • Mobility (anything with a SIM card, such as cell phones!)
  • SIP
Top 5 Customer Types That Choose Us
  • Multi-Site
  • US and Canada
  • Customized solutions (reduce spending on cell phones, deal with construction costs, manage cable co.’s, cookie-cutter installs over multi-locations/multi-carriers, procurement requirements, enhanced support)
  • Single platform for multiple products (portal for billing, inventory, and support)
  • Struggle being supported by LEC’s/Cable co’s.
What Truly Makes Us Different Than The Competition
  • Customized project management and support for multi-location customers. Granite’s premier support department supports over 80 of the Fortune 100. We have experience. Granite answers every call 24x7x365 in under 10 seconds with a live voice out of Quincy, MA. Each premier customer gets an escalation sheet with cell phone numbers of C Level executives.
  • One institution with thousands of locations had challenges losing equipment, so when the tech went to install, he couldn’t, and the customer got hit with a dispatch fee for nothing. Granite solution = wrap each box in bright blue packing tape, call the store the day before the package arrives, and call the store the day after to ensure they got the package.
  • Construction costs for 900 location retailer. Granite, in some cases, can further subsidize costs and help amortize over a term. In this case, we amortized over 5 years even though the customer signed a 3-year term.
  • Customized solutions are the only way partners win big deals. Granite can help. Partners can leverage our experience.
The End Result
  • First, partners can ensure their paychecks. They can continue on, growing their business, both new and existing, while Granite handles the support. Flexibility to scale their agencies and be as hands-on as they’d like. Granite, leveraging the network of the LEC, cable co’s, and platform providers, can enhance customer experience through scale-able solutions.
  • Second, end users can be assured of the stability of their service and support from their carrier. A project management team that will deliver. Our experience gives Granite a unique position within the industry.
  • Finally, both partners and end-users benefit from having a dedicated support team. People you know and trust. From sales, to support, to leadership.

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