Top 5 Things to Know About Us

  • Solutions built for the enterprise – SIP and CPaaS Solutions that are fast, easy and affordable
  • Award-winning live agent support – two-time gold Stevie Award winner for best customer service team
  • Low code / no code capable – whether you are a coding master or have no experience, our platform is for every department.
  • Actionable insights and dashboards – analytics is at the core of our solution and we take it up a notch with built-in AI.
  • Buildable communications – endless possibilities for increasing value in your business across multiple departments and use cases
Top 5 Services We DOMINATE In
  • CPaaS – Build, automate, and integrate communications and AI where your business needs it.
  • Voice / SIP – Flexible, scalable, reliable global communications built for enterprises with 24/7/365 support.
  • Messaging – Meet your customers where they are with more options to interact with you by easily adding SMS and social messaging channels
  • Analytics – Make better business decisions with real-time and historical insights into all customer interactions across channels.
  • APIs – Leverage our open APIs to communications-enabled your business, web, and mobile applications.
Top 5 Customer Types That Choose Us
  • Mid-Large Enterprise Companies
  • Domestic and International
  • Marketing, Customer Experience and Finance departments across all verticals
  • Healthcare, Financial and Retail Verticals
  • Companies looking to automate current processes and improve customer experience
What Truly Makes Us Different Than The Competition
  • IntelePeer delivers an omni-channel communication platform as a service (CPaaS) built for the enterprise. We believe that business communications are meant for more than just simple interactions – they should enable businesses to deliver truly delightful experiences. With our voice, messaging, ready-to-use applications, open APIs, and real-time analytics, companies can build and integrate communications-enabled workflows to create world-class customer experiences and improve business processes through automation. Our full-stack solution is backed by a rock-solid network and a team of experts who provide nothing but award-winning customer service.
The End Result
  • Improved business processes – we help take the manual out of business processes with workflow automation and integrations to save time and make teams more efficient.
  • Enhanced customer experience – build a better customer experience with omni-channel communications, automated workflows, and analytics so you can connect with your customers when and how they want.
  • Delight – at IntelePeer, we strive everyday to delight our customers and partners with our innovative, industry-leading solutions, seamless implementation to world-class support team.

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