Carolee Cannata
(213) 223-4488

Top 5 Things to Know About Us

  • TPx ¬†brings award-winning unified communications, managed IT and network connectivity solutions to connect and protect you.
  • Real results. 95% of calls into our U.S. based customer care are answered within 30 seconds; 92% of calls are resolved on the first call; 99% invoice accuracy; 95% customer satisfaction
  • Your account is our obsession. We keep customers better than almost anyone, for any reason. We independently poll thousands of customers every month to see exactly how we’re doing. We never ignore a customer who’s not satisfied with our performance.
  • Awards – we have quite a few and we’re very proud. TPx continues to win national and worldwide awards as a leading MSP and in specific product and solutions areas including UCx Unified Communications, Managed SD-WAN, Managed Firewalls, and TPx Complete.
  • We’re always looking for motivated partners, driven to success who enjoy unlimited opportunities for compensation. Partners receive the sales resources they need and the customer receives the service and customer support they need and TPx gains a long-term
Top 5 Services We DOMINATE In
  • Managed IT Services: SD-WAN, Firewalls, Office 365, Managed Endpoints, Managed Backups, Managed Detection & Response
  • Cloud Communications- Unified Communications, Contact Center, Call Center
  • MPLS Private Networks
  • Internet Failover
  • Managed High-Speed Internet
Top 5 Customer Types That Choose Us
  • Retail
  • Insurance & Healthcare (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Automotive
  • Not-For-Profit
  • Government
What Truly Makes Us Different Than The Competition
  • We offer 100% Service availability SLA on ANY network.
  • Our flexible enterprise-class technologies, applications and solutions provide the platform to keep customers’ workforce communicating and collaborating with secure network connectivity.
  • All features of our UCx service are fully cloud-based; don’t need an on-premise server
  • TPx is more than just unified communications. Our Managed IT and Office 365 services will ensure that all of your customers’ IT assets – not just the phone system-are healthy and strong.
  • We are customer service fanatics and long-term relationship junkies. We regularly independently survey thousands of our customers; listen to the feedback and improve where we need to.
  • Multiple locations around the country can be easily added to your network with Unified Communications and Managed IT services. TPx uses powerful SD-WAN technology to deliver the effortless connectivity and services that businesses need to be successful.
The End Result
  • It’s not just who you know, it’s how you reach them. It’s how you establish, build and maintain relationships with customers, employees, and partners who expect effortless 24X7 access. It’s how you compete in a world where time and geographic boundaries are irrelevant.
  • TPx is different from our competition because we listen, not just because of our technology. A commitment to listening to our customers and empowering their success is embedded deep in our corporate DNA. We draw on that skill every day to provide comprehensive managed services and unified communications solutions that can take your business anywhere it wants to go.
  • TPx is the nation’s premier Managed Services Provider, delivering unified communications, managed IT and network connectivity to over 50,000 customer locations across the country. We’ve enjoyed uninterrupted growth for the past 17 years all driven by referral; not advertising. We’re in it for the partnership; the long-lasting relationships. We think that building lasting relationships is more important than pushing products and we want to know what’s important to you so we can deliver that- quickly and reliably.

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