Retail Banking

  • Level Set: Banking Industry Macro Trends
  • Banking Tech Trends
  • Challenges
  • Challenges – Customer Centricity
  • Challenges – Multi-Channel
  • Challenges – Legacy and Disparate Systems
  • Challenges – Security and Compliance
  • Specific Technology Solutions for Banking

Partner Resources

Be sure to use the partner materials to the right to effectively jumpstart a conversation with your customers.

Leverage the CNSG team for more specific initiatives or campaigns, so our team can fully support your efforts. Available to you are:
► Customer facing presentations and outreach materials

► Email templates & cheat sheets

► Access to additional marketing materials

► Strategic business planning

  • Retail Banking Presentation – Customer Facing

  • Retail Banking Presentation – Partner Facing

  • Retail Banking Cheat Sheet

  • Retail Banking – Email Template

Supplier Resources

Be sure to leverage the supplier resources to the left to support your efforts in targeting potential retail customers and organizations. If you have any questions about content or are looking for unlisted supplier materials, please email

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