Vonage Number Programmability: A Leap Forward for Business Communication

Posted on: July 29, 2019 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

By Evan Wade

Most of the time, technology moves in a straight, iterative path.

Rarely, however, an up-and-coming solution bucks the trend, doling out features and innovations in such quantity that it skips several links on the evolutionary chain — and Vonage’s Number Programmability, currently in beta, definitely falls in this category (if we do say so ourselves). If that statement sounds a little strong, Number Programmability backs it up.

Representing a combination of some of the top products and services in Vonage’s current portfolio, it culminates in the ability for any Vonage Business Cloud number to be leveraged by Nexmo’s application programming interfaces (APIs) to meet virtually any business communication need.

What is Number Programmability?

Number Programmability isn’t exactly a product or a solution — it’s a capability.

Leveraging Nexmo APIs, Number Programmability enables any Vonage Business Cloud phone number to be intelligently programmed so that it becomes much more than a number.

Your VBC number can become:

  • A Robot-Enabled Meeting Scheduler – If you’re unable to take a call, the caller can answer a few prompts and schedule a call back at your next available time, all thanks to a simple integration with your cloud-based calendar.
  • An Automated Virtual Receptionist – An automated virtual receptionist that can route a call according to the time of day or the number of the incoming call.
  • A Real-Time Translator – When integrated with any translation API, a programmed number will use artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize if a caller is speaking a different language and give you a word-for-word English translation.
  • An Intelligent Transcription Service – An intelligent transcription service that immediately begins taking notes on the call and auto-uploads the notes to the right customer or prospect account in Salesforce or another CRM.  Think of the potential for your contact center!

These are only a few of the infinite possibilities that Number Programmability enables. Using the power of communication APIs and a little imagination, you can program your Vonage Business phone number for major types of customizations with just a few lines of code.

Number Programmability is also broadly adaptable, with cloud-based architecture providing countless features to the end user’s communication devices.

In this way, it’s immensely scalable, allowing businesses to add different types of functionality to one line or one thousand. It’s highly integratable, too, connecting to a large, growing list of products from Vonage partners, such as CRMs and business applications like Salesforce and Jira or AI platforms like Watson and Google.

Best of all, this kind of evolutionary improvement isn’t a far-off pipe dream. It’s in beta now, with GA launch anticipated later in 2019. 

Productivity Booster, Experience Enhancer

With Number Programmability, every aspect of your Vonage Business Cloud phone number becomes customizable: If you can dream it, you can build it. And with Nexmo APIs as building blocks, virtually any type of unified communications solution can be developed to support a business’ unique needs. 

The highly flexible nature of Programmable Numbers provides serious potential to boost internal productivity by automating existing processes or workflows. 

Need to record specific words during a phone call for compliance? That’s no problem with a Nexmo Voice API, Call Recording, and Natural Language processing. Want to route calls to specific agents based on who’s calling, before anyone even picks up?  

Or even better: Want to have certain VIP callers hear different IVR options? Done, with a simple CRM integration, Nexmo Voice API, and a little programming logic – and and it’s even better with a bot who understands natural language.

We can think of many use cases where Number Programmability removes the need for tedious steps in a process or workflow through automation.

By eliminating unnecessary, time-consuming work, employees are freed up to focus on work that’s more profitable to the business.

Other use cases make it effortless to elevate the customer experience, which has its own rewards: improved NPS scores, more first-call resolutions, happier and more loyal customers. Depending on your goals, Number Programmability can make it happen.

Infinite Flexibility, Easy Deployment

The possibilities are endless because Number Programmability takes all unified communication features out there and brings them together in the cloud, all in one tech stack. There’s no need to decide whether to invest in a certain feature or package. Instead, you customize, build, and deploy distinct capabilities to match your exact business needs. And it’s easy, too, because you’re using Nexmo communication APIs as programmable building blocks. Your team only needs to add a few lines of code to deploy highly customized capabilities.

No matter what “connection” means to an individual business, the Vonage Business Cloud platform provides an easier way to achieve it when combined with Programmable Numbers.

And this is just the start. As Number Programmability rolls into full-blown release, it will undoubtedly come to encompass more capabilities, including video, chat, and rich messaging. This has to be some of the most exciting communications news in a long time.

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