Why Aren’t You Selling Contact Center?

Posted on: August 22, 2019 By: Carolyn Kuczynski

Some of you may be selling this today but the majority of you likely aren’t yet selling this super hot, high ARPU product. Why? This product is sticky like honey and profitable all around.

So you’re not selling it, perhaps because you’re unsure about the service and it’s benefits. How it works. Maybe you’re afraid to present your customer with a higher than normal monthly cost per agent license. Fear not! NHC is here to help!

We not only deliver this service on our network but as an overlay on any network. Additionally we have a team ready to help approach each sale with you. From consultative pre-sale exploration to design and development of workflows and Omnichannel handling. Inbound only? No problem. Outbound calling campaigns? Awesome. Social, web, email campaigns? Great! CRM integrations? How about over 30 out of the box with custom options available.

What you need for your customers, we have. Don’t forget about stacking other solutions with this.. Network, edge to cloud management, UCaaS…

Don’t take my word for it. Read our whitepaper detailing how your customer’s can boost profitability by increasing their customer experiences due to using Contact Center.

NHC whitepaper increasingprofitability-CCv1


Key Features of Our Contact Center:

  • Outbound Notification Manager: Easily manage the outbound notifications to customers via voice, email and SMS
  • Self-service Chat Bot: Pre-program responses to a chatbot so when the customer chats through web or social channels, they receive an immediate response
  • Unlimited Custom Analytics: The end customer can pull reports which are canned as well as run a dynamic set of customized reports based on their specific needs. They can also have all reports scheduled and delivered automatically.
  • Cost: Our Contact Center is priced aggressively. Average cost per concurrent agent is $86.00. Compare that to Five9 who has a cost per concurrent agent of $232.00. Yikes!























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